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Financial Power of Attorney

As you get older, the risk of a temporary or permanent disability increases.  It is very important to have a Durable Power of Attorney in place, whereby you nominate someone (and alternatives) to assist you if you are unable to manage your affairs.  Unfortunately, without a power of attorney in place, your family may be forced into a difficult, time consuming, and costly legal proceeding in order to gain court authority to manage your affairs.  Additionally, if you are incapacitated, and the court must appoint someone to manage your affairs, you would not be able to choose the person for yourself.  As a result, the court could potentially appoint someone that you may not have chosen for yourself.  With a Durable Power of Attorney, you are able to appoint a person (and alternatives) of your choosing to assist you with the management of your financial affairs in your time of need.


Folk Law Group, PLLC will be happy to help you draft a Durable Power of Attorney that designates an agent of your choice to help assist you with your financial affairs in your time of need. Contact us for an appointment.

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