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Health Care Proxy

Although you may be able to communicate your health care wishes to your medical provider at present, an unforeseen illness, injury or disability may deprive you of your ability to communicate or make reasoned decisions involving your health care wishes.  Therefore, it is important for you to have a Health Care Proxy that allows you to appoint someone (and alternatives) who can communicate with your health care providers on your behalf.  Although Louisiana laws do make some provision for those who may make decisions on your behalf, it is advantageous for you to appoint a person of your choosing who should make and communicate decisions on your behalf, rather than letting the state decide.  Although Louisiana health care consent laws are a fail-safe provision, they are no substitution for your own judgment.


Folk Law Group, PLLC will be happy to help you draft a Health Care Proxy that designates an agent of your choice to help assist you with your health care decisions and communications in your time of need.  Contact us for an appointment.

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