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Last Will and Testament

If you die without a will, you leave it up to Louisiana legislation and the courts to determine who will receive your property.  If you prefer to make this decision for yourself, a Last Will and Testament is the answer.  Aside from leaving clear directions on who shall inherit, it is important to clearly name an executor to administer your estate, as well as appoint a tutor to care for any minor children.   Without a will, the court has discretion to appoint persons to these duties, and these persons may not be people that you would have approved of had you been alive to choose for yourself.  Although having a last will and testament is not the most pleasant thing to think about, it is a tremendous gift to your family to have your wishes clearly and legally defined.


Folk Law Group, PLLC will be happy to help you draft a will that is a true reflection of your wishes.  Contact us for an appointment.

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